Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colbert 08!

With Hillary seemingly running away with things, perhaps it's time to change my loyalties -- not to Hillary, but to Stephen Colbert!! Yes, why not? We need a bit of laughter. Stephen will make promises he intends to break, and will admit it --- which is refreshing isn't it?

So, take a look!


Mike L. said...

I have a better idea. Can we somehow convince Edwards and Obama to just go ahead and agree to have one drop out and endorse the other? Or will democrates be dumb enough to nominate the only candidate that can lose in the general election?

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


I don't know what's happening. One poll suggests that Hillary now has reached the 51% threshhold, which if true means she's in the drivers seat -- but we still have to vote. If Obama wins Iowa and comes in either 1 or 2 in NH, he has a chance to turn the tables. He has the money and the personality, but as Paul Begala was saying last night Obama is a bit too ethereal -- the law professor coming through rather than the community organizer. It may be why he's connecting with highly educated people and not so much with the typical Democratic voter -- which seems taken with Hillary.

Hillary has a lot of built in negatives, and she's not my first choice, but I think she can beat any of the current crop of GOP candidates. Rudy is in a deadheat with her -- but there are a lot of Christian conservatives that won't vote for Rudy. Whether or not they form a 3rd party or not, I think the GOP is in trouble, no matter who ends up winning the Democratic race.

Michael Westmoreland-White said...

This was one of the funniest episodes.

McCain could give most of the Dems a run in the general election, but he cannot win a GOP primary. The rest of the GOP lineup is awful.

I don't think Hillary is enough of a change of direction. But she will be formiddable in any general election, though also with high negatives. However, the primary chaos and other problems make me wonder if Dems are about to shoot themselves in the foot.

As for why neither Obama nor Edwards is catching on--it could be because their campaigns are being run by some of the same idiots who worked on Gore 2000 and Kerry '04. Why anyone would listen to those morons again, I have no idea. See Joe Klein's Politics Lost for why Democrats do so poorly in presidential campaigns.

Also, the anger at Congress over failing to end the war, restore Habeas Corpus, impeach Bush, etc. is, for now, working against the GOP. But, especially if the S-CHIP veto stands, that anger could become a "throw all the bums out" anti-incumbency movement. Then the Dems would be in trouble in both Congress and the presidential race.