Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Night and all through the house are creatures trying to stay awake after eating turkey and the trimmings. Nothing more needs to be eaten lest we burst.

Each of us celebrate or choose not to celebrate in our own way. We're with family this year -- last year we went to Vegas. My brother stayed home alone -- his only day off in 2 weeks -- and enjoyed the quiet.

I'm learning that it's more and more difficult to buy gifts - especially for my wife. But you try your best.

So to everyone I say -- Merry Christmas -- and as you consider the day that is ponder the one we honor. Of course we know not the date or time of his birth nor the manner either. We don't even know the place. Tradition says Bethlehem while logic suggests Nazareth. Whatever the case, we celebrate the one in whom God's light is present to us.


Drew said…
Good point about gifts. The gift I have learned I cherish more than anything else is time. I meditated a bit on that last night. I cherish memories. One year we went to New 'Awlins together. Most other times we go out for a really nice dinner or take in a show. This year I treated my wife to a concert featuring her life-long crush John Mellencamp. It's all bout memories and memories are best when created with time together with those you love most. That's the gift we try to give to one another each year in lieu of more "stuff".
Stephen (aka Q) said…
I'm learning that it's more and more difficult to buy gifts - especially for my wife.

My stepfather purchased pigs, goats, and chickens for people in the developing world and presented that as his Christmas present to his grandkids.

Makes sense to me. When we get to the point of thinking, "What can I possibly get this person that she actually needs and doesn't already have?" — it's time to consider not buying them a present.

Of course, it's hard not to buy a present for your spouse! But perhaps we feel trapped in this scenario when in fact there are other options to consider.

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