Bible Meme -- Bible in 5 statements

I was tabbed by Tripp Fuller to participate in one of these memes. I've been thinking about how I might summarize the Bible in 5 words/phrases. I really can't do any better than the one laid out by Eugene Boring in Disciples and the Bible (Chalice Press, 1997).

He lays out the story of the Bible in five quite memorable words -- borrowing from an old Disciple memory trick, Walter Scott's 5 Finger exercise.

1. Creation
2. Covenant
3. Christ
4. Church
5. Consummation.

Oh, I preached this "meme" by exploring the idea through our hymnody -- check it out here.

If this sounds interesting, try to do this yourself!


John said…
1. Creation
2. Separation
3. Compassion
4. Reconciliation
5. Love
Anonymous said…

Yeah, do you save to drag sex into it Bob?
Different word!!
Anonymous said…
oops, sorry

This has a Christmas song on it by the way.
Anonymous said…
Well, I had to search for the lyrics. They're as nice as the melody-

The lyrics to "A Child is Born" by Thad Jones:

(these are the original lyrics by Alec Wilder)

Now, out of the night;
New as the dawn,
Into the light,
This Child,
Innocent Child,
Soft as a fawn,
This Child is born.

One small heart;
One pair of eyes;
One work of art,
Here in my arms,
Here he lies,
Trusting and warm,
Blessed this morn
A Child is born.
A Child Is Born - Composer: Thad Jones - ©1969

Sorry to get off topic.
I still say it could be a Christmas song.

David Mc

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