GROWING DEEPER in our Church Community by Chris Smith

Chris Smith, editor/publisher of the Englewood Review of Books is offering a free e-book entitled Growing Deeper in our Church Community.   In it he offers 50 ways we can grow deeper in church community.  It's quite good and challenging.

He writes to offer ways in which we who are disconnected from the community and from God might be reconnected.  We live in a fragmented and polarized world, but there is hope.  Chris writes:

The purpose of this little book is to spark our imaginations with practical ideas of how we can become more deeply connected first with those that God has gathered in our churches and then with our neighbors as well. The ideas here focus on three primary facets of connection that are essential for our churches: connecting with people, connecting with place and connecting with God’s mission.
That sounds like something worth pursuing!

Now, before you check out the book site, here is a bit about Chris --
Chris Smith is a member of the Englewood Christian Church community on the near-eastside of Indianapolis.  He is also the editor of The Englewood Review of Books.  He regularly writes and speaks on topics related to church, community and God’s reconciliation of all things.

You can find the e-book by clicking here. 


Chris Smith said…


And thanks for all the good work you do!

Chris Smith
Anonymous said…
Greetings, Pastor. I am a new Christian and have decided to blog about it. I'm looking for like-minded bloggers to share with and you fit the bill, being a Pastor and all.
Anonymous said…

I read your (whole!) blog and thought it was really hopeful and well written. I have relatives, who I always thought were intelligent and caring, I wish would come to see these as you have. I'm a pretty new Christian too., but welcome David Mc
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Let me try to post that again.

David, thanks for reading - it's nice to know that someone is. I posted a new article on sin.

About the relatives... I know what you mean. The Christian religion, at its core, is so peaceful and kind that it's difficult to imagine someone not wanting to be a part of it.

I think part of the problem is that they get nervous about certain aspects of the religion. I was this way myself, but instead of shutting out the entire religion I decided to just take it slow and appreciate the parts I was comfortable with, and perhaps the faith aspect will grow from there.
Rabstor Dan said…
Good afternoon! I couldn't find a way to message you directly, so I hope it is ok that I am posting. I came across your post when searching for a logo for my congregation's membership class and was wondering where you got the tree picture? I realize this was posted 2010 so you might not remember, but I thought I would check just in case! I appreciate any help. If you wouldn't mind emailing me at, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much! Lyssa

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