Pat Robertson Blames Earthquake on Pact Haitians Made with Satan - Political Punch

Once again Pat Robertson has proven he is a nut case. I don't like to say such things about other people, but time after time, he says things that are idiotic and are unhelpful. So, the people of Haiti brought this thing on themselves because of an alleged pact with the devil that led to their freedom. In what way is this a word of compassion or grace? Even if true -- that the enslaved made a pact with a voodoo deity in order to free themselves from French control -- believing that God would curse a nation for such a reason simply doesn't represent the God I believe in. In fact, how much difference is there between the views of Robertson and those of a Bin Laden or a Khomenei?

Now Pat will call for relief, but it will come with a caveat that blames them for their misery and tells them that if they accept Jesus all will be well. For the article see:

Pat Robertson Blames Earthquake on Pact Haitians Made with Satan - Political Punch


The said…
Sad that this guy represents Christianity in the minds of so many people...

-Pastor Russ
The Followers Church in Post Falls ID
The saddest reality about Pat Robertson’s condemning comment is that it drives people away from the church. Pat Robertson may have a large following, but it is still only a minority; he does not speak for the Christian “majority” for the mainline faiths that have survived the condemnation of egocentric ideologies for centuries.
John said…
Pat Robertson is a spiritual terrorist. Preying on the fears of our weakest brothers and sisters, and dismissing those who need us most as deserving of the very affliction we ought to be seeking to aid them with.

Rial Hamann said…
May Pat be at peace when he sleeps. He does NOT speak for me nor I would pray for many others.

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