Things Have Changed? Race and Voting Rights in America

The rationale for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was that there was overt suppression of voting rights for non-whites in certain regions of the country, especially in the South, where Jim Crow laws had reigned.  The argument made by the Chief Justice, John Roberts, for overturning a key provision of the Voting Rights Act was that things had changed.  Now, it could be that Congress could come up with a new formula, but the chance of that happening is about as great as me becoming Pope.  At least in the current climate not much chance of that happening.  Now, last night as Brett and I were watching the Daily Show with substitute anchor John Oliver, I heard what I think is one of the wittiest riposte's to the Court's decision.

Take a watch if you dare --

So, what do you think? Have things changed so much in America that race/ethnicity is no longer of any concern? Now that we've elected a Black President do we live in a post-racial country? What do you think!?

Note:  We're on SCOTUS watch today, so more to come on the next batch of decisions!


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