Friday, November 06, 2009

Disciples Values -- Sermons published

In each of the three congregations that I've pastored, I've given a series of sermons on Disciples of Christ values and practices. Perhaps it's because I'm a "convert" to the Disciples that I take this heritage seriously, but I'm convinced that we need to reconnect with our heritage, as Disciples, if we're going to move forward into the future.

With that in mind, perhaps as a help to others, I've published those sermons, along with another sermon relating to the Disciples vision, self-published them, with Lulu, under the title of Disciples Values: Reflections on Distinctive Disciples of Christ Beliefs and Practices. You may purchase a copy from

I need to note here that this series was inspired/guided by my reading of Mark Toulouse's excellent thematic history of the Disciples -- Joined in Discipleship. While Mark's book inspired my understanding here -- I'm responsible for the content and interpretation, not Mark!



Steve said...

I just ordered your new book. Congratulations!

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Thanks Steve!

Anonymous said...


You fixed the typo.

Could you maybe squeeze in these while sermonizing this Sunday?

David Mc

Anonymous said...

Well, this has some local flavor too. David Mc