Speaking Opportunities

Bob Cornwall has been a local church pastor for nearly twenty-five years. He has taught at both the college and seminary levels. In fact, as much as he loves to preach he loves to teach even more. He is the author/editor of nearly twenty books that cover a variety of topics from spiritual gifts to faith and politics. He has a long-standing engagement with ecumenical and interfaith groups, having served as the leader of several of them. He is highly regarded in the local community, including by local political leaders. He would love to come and share with your community the wealth of his experience and knowledge. 

Among the topics he is available to speak to include:

  • Discerning spiritual roots (reconstructing a spiritual identity). We live in an age when more and more people have traveled through several faith communities. They face the question of how to integrate these identities into a whole. What is true of individuals is true of congregations. Growing numbers of people joining our churches do not come from the congregation's denominational tradition.I explore this reality in my book Called to Bless: Finding Hope by Reclaiming our Spiritual Roots.
  • What is the role of spiritual gifts in the life of the church? What is my calling and place in the church? The answer may lie in understanding and discovering one's spiritual gifts. This is the subject of my book: Unfettered Spirit: Spiritual Gifts for the New Great Awakening..
  • What is the identity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)? Bob has been ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Trained as a church historian and widely read in the denomination's history, he has taught and led conversations about Disciples history, theology, and identity. On this topic see his book: Freedom in Covenan:t Reflections on the Distinctive Values and Practices of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Does faith/ religion have a place in the Public Square? While the relationship can be tenuous, there are ways faith and the public square can interact positively. Bob is available to speak about the relationship of religion and politics. On this topic see his book: Faith in the Public Square. 
To schedule a visit, email Bob at faithinthepublicsquare@gmail.com

Fees are negotiable depending on the event but should include travel and lodging expenses.


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