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A Quilted Life: Reflections of a Sharecropper's Daughter (Catherine Meeks) - A Review

Jingjiao: The Earliest Christian Church in China (Glen L. Thompson) -- A Review

God Gave Rock and Roll to You (Leah Payne) -- A Review

Reckoning with Power: Why the Church Fails When It's on the Wrong Side of Power (David Fitch) -- Review

A Is for Alabaster: 52 Reflections on the Stories of Scripture (Anna Carter Florence) -- A Review

With the Best of Intentions: Interreligious Missteps and Mistakes (Lucinda Mosher, Elinor Pierce, & Or Rose, editors) -- A Review

Academically Speaking: Lessons from a Life in Christian Higher Education (Rick Ostrander) - A Review

Scenes with My Son: Love and Grief in the Wake of Suicide (Robert Hubbard) - A Review