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To the Ends of the Earth and Beyond in the Spirit (an essay from Open and Relational Leadership)

I have an essay in the book Open and Relational Leadership: Leading with Love, edited by Roland Hearn, Sheri Kling, and Tom Oord.(Sacrasage, 2020). You may read the essay online at the web page of the Center for Open and Relational Theology. Take a read, and perhaps purchase a copy of this book that contains fifty-seven essays on leadership from an Open and Relational perspective. Mine involves spiritual gifts. I've copied the opening paragraphs and then provided a link to the rest of the essay. Take a read.  
A Spirit-empowered church requires spiritually gifted leaders who take us to the ends of the earth and beyond
When Jesus’s disciples gathered in an upper room in Jerusalem, they were waiting for the Holy Spirit to come and empower them for a ministry of witness that would take them from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth (Acts 1-2). As 21st century Christians, this remains our calling. We engage in this mission rooted in a community in which, according to …

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