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I Thirst -- Good Friday Meditation

Good Friday in 2020 will not be business as usual. I will be sharing a meditation on the Sixth Word from the Cross in an online series of messages sponsored by the Academy of Parish Clergy. The Sixth Word is "It Is Finished!" The word that precedes it is "I Thirst." Below is one of the messages I shared some years in the past when I was in Santa Barbara. I share it as a way of moving into the word I will share today. That word will appear here later this afternoon.

John 19:28-29

Parched lips! A dry throat!  Difficulty breathing! Hanging on a cross on a hill far away, Jesus cries out: “I Thirst!”     
You know thirst.  A long race, a difficult hike, a long conversation.  What you want is a cup of water, something to soothe the ache you feel in your throat.  
There is no way to truly know the depth of Jesus’ thirst, but we can get an idea.  
We contemplate his thirst, and as we do, we hear these words in the back of our minds: “As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my s…

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