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Talking About God When People Are Afraid (Keith Watkins) -- A Review

  TALKING ABOUT GOD WHEN PEOPLE ARE AFRAID: Dialogues on the Incarnation in the Year that Doctor King and Senator Were Killed. Edited by Keith Watkins. Foreword by Ronald J. Allen. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2020. Xvi   + 123 pages.                 Back in the late 1960s, I was a young boy living in a relatively small town in Southern Oregon. I was more interested in model rockets and little league than the big issues of the day. My parents were politically active, and I was introduced to politics at an early age. Nevertheless, the war in Vietnam and the Civil Rights struggle of the day were far from my daily routine. I might catch something on the evening news if my parents were watching, but I was more interested in cartoons. While we were very active in church, I don’t remember talking about God in relation to fear. In other words, I was present for the 1960s, but I didn’t realize how traumatic things really were. A half-century later, I’m nearing retirement from my ministry o

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