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Defiant (Kelley Nikondeha) -- Review

DEFIANT: What the Women of Exodus Teach Us about Freedom. By Kelley Nikondeha. Foreword by Sarah Bessey. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2020. Xi + 216 pages.
When we think of the Book of Exodus, our minds probably immediately go to Moses. There’s a good reason for that, as he is the lead human character in the story. He is the one whom God calls to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt toward freedom in the Promised Land. While all of this is true, women play an essential role in the story and it's not just a background role. Women such as Moses’ sister Miriam and Pharaoh’s daughter play rather definitive roles in the story. Without the women who populate the story, there would be no Moses or perhaps an exodus. So, perhaps there’s a need for a retelling of the story to highlight the contributions of the women in the story. We have that retelling in the form of Kelley Nikondeha’s Defiant.
Kelley Nikondeha is a skilled and thoughtful storyteller wh…

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