Election Day is Here -- so vote

I have always believed that for a democracy to function -- people must first be informed and second that they must exercise their right to vote. Unfortunately, too often we do neither of these things -- we don't inform ourselves and we don't vote.

In a representative democracy, such as ours, we elect representatives who should take into consideration the common good of all citizens, and pass legislation that is informed and appropriate. Over time, in America, as the country has grown, we have evolved out of those early Jeffersonian roots. In many ways, we have followed a more Hamiltonian -- Federalist-- trajectory, though some of Jefferson's libertarian instincts live on. So, my point -- today, across the country, and especially here in Troy, Michigan, we are being called upon to exercise our informed consent to our representatives from city councils to legislatures. It's important that we get out there and make our voice known.

So, today I want to do two things. First, I'd like to once again point people to the op-ed I wrote for the Oakland Press -- on behalf of myself and a group of clergy from the community. You can check it out by clicking here.

I would like to also remind fellow citizens of Troy to choose carefully who you want to represent you on the City Council. I've met three of the candidates personally. I'm comfortable and confident that each will seek to do what is best for the city. All three have long roots in the area -- one is a graduate of the city's schools and another served on the police force for 35 years. The third has been in the area for 35 years, and is a businessman and has represented the area on County Commission. Their opponents are ultra-right activists, one of whom has lived in the area perhaps for less than a year -- and is best known for going around the country trying to overturn affirmative action efforts. and for organizing one of those Tea Parties. My sense is that he's just trying to put a feather on has cap until the next election cycle so he can move up the right wing ranks.

So, my recommendation is that voters look closely at Maureen McGinnis, Dane Slater, and Will Molnar. Look also at the backers and the platform of their opponents -- all three of whom are ideologues. Is that we want representing us on the City Council?


Anonymous said…
We in Macomb Twp. also get to vote today. Ours is centered in the form of government we desire to have in going forward into our future.

It matters more that you vote than how you vote.

Please exercise your responsibility. Rial

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