It's almost time for Good Christians to say: "HAPPY HOLIDAYS"

It's almost time for the Holiday rush to begin. It's just a week until Thanksgiving and then, it's Black Friday, and the good Christian folk will start raising a big stink if clerks and greeters say "Happy Holidays." A college mate recently shared an excellent article by Ruth Ann Dailey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It's entitled: "Be a Good Christian: Say "Happy Holidays."

What we're about to see is the most bizarre display of uncivil behavior by Christians, who will demand, as they have been doing these past several years, that they be greeted with "Merry Christmas." They do this because they believe that if Walmart Clerks (and apparently now the target is Gap) say Merry Christmas this some how puts "Christ back into Christmas," as if Jesus is somehow honored by our consumerism!

Here is a slice from the article:

News flash for the "religious right" from this column-writing Jesus freak: Christmas is not the only religious observance taking place at this time of year, and millions of Americans do not recognize Jesus as "the One" nor give gifts to honor him.

Is recognizing this reality "political correctness," or is it simple respect?

And why wouldn't Christians want to respect the religious freedom exercised by their fellow citizens? After all, obnoxious pouting -- "It's our holiday!" -- isn't exactly a persuasive evangelistic technique.

That final sentence is key -- demanding that our holiday be honored above all others isn't a great evangelistic tool. Indeed, it is just another negative mark against the faith. Dailey starts by asking the question: "What would Jesus say?" And I think he'd say: Happy Holidays! And, so will I!


Anonymous said…
It's a good thing to spread civility during any season of the year. Maybe the greeting at Halloween shoud be "Merry Wiccan". At St. Patrick's day it could be "May the wee folk be with you." At Mother's day it could be "Happy mummy's day." At one of my favorite days, valentines day, maybe the greeting should be "may the card be with you"

The point is perhaps "Happy Holidays" is the best greeting to be used at all times.

Perhaps, at special times of the year, like Christmas, the politically correct thing to say might be "May your Lord be with you."

For me, I shall close with, "Merry

With peace and good will to all.
- Rial
dlmcpayt said…

Steve said…
Bob, as a corollary, this points out why the Ten Commandments can't be the tenants of our nation: the first, second, third and fourth commandments would be oppressive to non-Christians or non-Jews.

Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
Don't say anything, just smile and anjali mudra. Oh, I forgot about grasping all the spoils. David Mc
John said…
I am not ashamed to wish a Merry Christmas to my Christian friends and I am happy to wish a Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends. For those who don't celebrate the December religious holidays I don't see the point in a seasonal greeting. Of course if someone wishes me a greeting I will, out of courtesy, respond in kind.

Greetings which are sent as a tool (a statement, a protest, an attempt at proselyzing, etc) or which are received as an insult are in fact no greeting at all.

I don't think Jesus would care whether the social niceties of bland greeting are covered - he would be more concerned with how the prospective recipient of the greeting is holding up spiritually and that should be our concern as well.

Franky, I just don't have enough energy to worry about all this social correctness. It's as if everyone, on all sides, is looking for something to take as an insult. We need to grow up.

Anonymous said…
Happy paid holiday season (except for Bob- he gets to work harder). David Mc

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