First Sermon audio "podcast" -- Worshiping the Holy God: Lord's Prayer Series #1

This morning we used our new digital recorder at Central Woodward and made our first audio podcast -- thanks to the work of my son Brett and Will Boyd our web designer.  We didn't do any major editing to the audio, so its somewhat raw.  As I listen to the audio, I must admit that I'm not used to hearing myself speak.  Thus, this seems rather strange to me.  Still,  if you're more the audio type than the reading type, I invite you to check out the podcast, and subscribe if you'd like.

The sermon is the first in a series of sermons looking at the Lord's Prayer.  We pray this prayer every Sunday, but what do we mean when we say these words -- Our Father and Hallowed is Your Name?

Now, for one last item, I'd like to thank Will Boyd of 3 Story Church for doing such an excellent job with our web site.  If you have a church and want a well designed and functional web site, I'd suggest checking with Will. 

So, if you want to check out the sermon -- whether in print or in audio -- click here.


Hyeon Cho said…
Welcome to this new system!

Though I am not a native English speaker, I have longed for audio sermons and scripts in progressive view. If available, I hope to download audio files and read your sermons together continuously.

Thank you.

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