Week of Compassion Report on Haiti Relief

It has now been more than three weeks since a devastating Earthquake hit Haiti.  People around the world have been extremely generous, even as we have seen reports that this is one of the worst and most deadly disasters ever.  A nation has been overwhelmed by death and destruction.  Of course, in time we will move on to other issues, and Haiti could easily be forgotten (as it has always been forgotten).  I'd like to share a video report on Haiti from Week of Compassion, featuring the Executive Director of this Disciples of Christ outreach arm, Rev. Amy Gopp.

Amy says to do three things -- pray, for prayer is always important; give, for the need is great, and then wait for the right time to go, as we have seen in the story of a Baptist group that tried to take Haitian children out of the country -- you have to wait until things are right so that things can be done decently and in order.  There will come a time when groups can go into the country and make a difference, but now its time to let those already there do their jobs.


Anonymous said…
"let those already there do their jobs."

Exactly. Work locally, care globally.
Why spend the money and burn jet fuel unless you had special skills or plan to stay a year. Otherwise it looks like self-glorification. David Mc

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