No Way, No How, No McCain!

These are the words that Hillary Clinton uttered last night in a major speech, in which she gave her unwavering support for Barack Obama. Oh, the GOP operatives are parsing her speech, hoping to undermine the level of support. They want you to believe that it's tepid and mechanical, but if so, then she gave her best speech I've ever heard in mechanical fashion.

She made it clear that this is a pivotal election, that John McCain will hold back America, that John McCain will not provide affordable health care to all Americans.

She also told her supporters to remember why they had supported her -- what issues drew them to her candidacy -- and then told them to join together with the Obama supporters to take back the White House and restore America's promise.

So, was it effective?. I do think so. But ultimately I'm not her audience. But, I'm quite pleased!

And as she said:

No Way, No How, No McCain!


drew said…
When she said that my first thought was that this would be a new campaign slogan for Obama. Nice one liner that packed a lot of punch in context.

I think she was extremely effective. A really good speech.
I LOVED the speech, but my judgment about her level of support will be seen AFTER the Convention. If she campaigns for Obama in places where she could make a real difference (Michigan and Florida because she championed their cause; Ohio and Indiana where she narrowly beat him and which are running close; Missouri, where she should campaign with Claire McCaskill, etc.) many times between now and Nov. 4th, THAT will impress me. Same with Bill--who should already have been crisscrossing Arkansas for Obama.

But it was a GREAT speech and upstaged Warner's keynote. The best speech of the day was not on primetime--in 5 minutes, Dennis Kucinich had the entire room charged up with his brief-but-powerful, "Wake up, America!" speech.
I didn't see Kucinich, but did see the tail end of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's -- just before Hillary. I thought he was not only effective but a kick in the pants. With two Democratic senators and a popular Democratic Governor, Montana is a real possibility for Obama.

As for the Clintons, I think Bill is the real wild card. He's nursing a grudge that Obama hasn't given him his due. But, if Clinton declares Obama fit for duty that should seal the deal.

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