A Little Football for Detroit

The city of Detroit generally gets little if no respect.  The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, but most Americans aren't big NHL fans.  The Tigers and the Pistons have had some good teams, even championship ones, but the team that seems to have epitomized Detroit in the eyes of Americans has been their NFL franchise -- the Lions.  They have been for many years, at best, inept.  They were the first NFL team to go 0-16, just 2 years ago.  At the same time, the auto industry was in free fall and Detroit was unsure of its future.

Well, the auto industry has begun to stabilize.  While Toyota has had lots of problems, Ford has taken off, and GM seems to be righting itself.  Even a much smaller Chrysler seems poised to make a rebound.  Detroit, it seems is ready for a new day.  But, of course, there's the Lions. 

Well, last night the Lions poised themselves to rise from the ashes.  With the number 2 pick they chose a young man who hails from my home state of Oregon and who played for Nebraska.  He has an interesting name -- Ndamukong Suh -- but it will be a name that likely will be remembered.   So, will this young man be the foundation of a new day for the Lions?  Oh, and to help out their young QB from last year's draft, Matthew Stafford, the Lions went out and got themselves a speedy running back from the University of California, named Jahvid Best.  Both young men are known both for their talent and their character!  And will the rising star of the Lions signal a new day for Detroit?  Here's one west coast transplant who hopes that this is true!


Allan R. Bevere said…
Whether you're a Lions fan or a Browns fan, hope always springs eternal!
I am used to this, for I am a San Francisco Giant fan! But, of course, at least I'm not a Cubs fan!
Allan R. Bevere said…
Ha! True. We will have to get Scot McKnight's take on that one.

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