A Response to Rick Perry's "Prayer" Meeting

Today there's a big, and controversial, prayer meeting in Houston Texas.  It was called by Texas Governor Rick Perry and sponsored by the rather right wing American Family Association.  There's a question of whether this is a religious meeting or a political one (probably something of both).  Well, I really don't have much to say about this, but I do appreciate these words from two young adults from a Texas Disciples Church.  They're names are Nathan Russell and Adam Gibbs.  Take a listen and add your thoughts.

H/T Dmergent.


Gary said…
Two confused boys.
John said…
Two young men headed in the rigt direction.
Gary said…

They have no idea what the right direction is. Neither do you.
Anonymous said…
Instead of talking to God, prayer is more about being with God and listening to God.

God is
not Christian
not American
not Santa Claus
not Narcissus

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