Building Bridges of Blessings during Ramadan

The season of Ramadan, which is the Muslim month of fasting, began on Monday. I am not given to fasting, but I honor the dedication that is demonstrated by Muslims across the world to refrain from food and drink, and other pleasures, during the daylight hours for nearly a month. In recent years I've made numerous friendships with Muslims, thus have been invited to share in a variety of festivals and events, including Iftar dinners. In fact, this year marks fourth year that my congregation, Central Woodward Christian Church, will be co-hosting with the Turkish American Society of Michigan an Iftar Dinner. It is a distinctly interfaith/inter-religious event that is offered to the congregation and to the broader community. My feeling is, the more we share in such events the more we break down barriers. It is not that we agree on matters of theology. We do, however, agree to each other's full humanity, which is the gift of the Creator.

This weekend, I've been invited to two Iftar Dinners, and I plan on attending. Then on May 22nd, the CWCC-TASM dinner will take place. In an era of increasing division and acts of hate, may we take steps in the other direction. May we find ways of building bridges of friendship. Below is the invitation to our dinner. If you're in the area, please join us -- though RSVP if you can. It helps us know how many tables to set!


We cordially invite you and your family to a Friendship Iftar (Fast-Breaking) Dinner at Central Woodward Church, organized in collaboration with Turkish American Society of Michigan (TASM). This is the fourth year of this collaboration between faith communities.
Fasting is practiced in many religious traditions and spiritual practices. We believe common traditions like fasting are important opportunities for people from different faith communities to become closer to each other. Now, we are in the holy month of Ramadan, in which Muslims fast from the break of dawn to sunset. In this month, it is customary to invite friends, neighbors and relatives to share the fast-breaking meal. We are inviting you for a dinner as a humble presentation of common ground, friendship and peace.
We will gather at 8:00 for a brief program concerning Ramadan and testimonies of interfaith friendship, as well as fellowship, before breaking the fast at sunset. During this dinner, you will get a chance to taste various dishes from the authentic Turkish cuisine, as well as the famous Turkish tea. This is not only a chance for you and your family to meet new friends, but also an opportunity to experience firsthand a different cultural tradition.
The event details are as follows:
Venue: Central Woodward Christian Church
Address: 3955 W Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48084
Fee: None
Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Time: Program starts at 8:00pm, dinner will be served at sunset (8:50 pm)
Please RSVP to or 248-644-0512.


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