Christianity's Image Problem -- SoMA Review

I earlier posted a review of the David Kinnaman book -- "Unchristian," a book I found quite disappointing. A revised version of that review has been published at SoMA Review. Here is a clip from it -- but read the whole thing.

Part of the problem with “unChristian” is the authors’ penchant for equating “Christian” with “conservative evangelical.” While they observe that only 9 percent of Americans are evangelical, no other position is recognized as legitimate. Kinnaman and Lyons worry that the church will respond to its disaffected youth by “hijacking Jesus” and “promoting a less offensive faith.” They’re concerned about balancing a “kindler, gentler” Christianity with one that remains staunchly true to their understanding of the “biblical worldview.” That worldview is narrowly evangelical, fixated on things like the absolute accuracy of the Bible, the perfection of Jesus, and the existence of a personal Satan. Nothing in this definition speaks of God’s love or how we treat one another.

I would be interested in hearing from others who have read the book and their thoughts.


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