Faith in the Public Square -- An Interview

My book Faith in the Public Square (Energion Publications, 2012) has now been out for a little more than a year. In it I set out to start a conversation about the relationship between Faith and Public Life. The book is comprised of fifty plus essays that originally appeared as Sunday Op-Ed pieces in the Lompoc Record.

Earlier this year John Shuck, a Presbyterian Pastor from Elizabethton, Tennessee, interviewed me for a radio show he hosts for the local NPR station called Religion for Life. The interview is now available as a podcast. I would like to share it with you. Hopefully John's questions and my answers will encourage an important conversation around these two important parts of human life.-- and perhaps even entice you to buy a copy of the book!

I think you'll enjoy the conversation (about 29 minutes).  So, let's talk!


Steve Kindle said…
Great interview, Bob. I was fascinated to hear about the congregational reaction to your 911 response and how you finally understood their inability to understand your approach. Even though I lived through it with you, I wasn't aware of the tension there. (I must have been going to the UCC church then;) Yes--you are a thoughtful pastor!

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