About the Blog

This is a personal blog and any statements found here, whether theological, political, or otherwise stated, should not be taken as officially representing any congregations served, my denomination, and most especially the members of my family. All must be left to speak for themselves! Having said that, I have made it a special mission to make this blog available to share ideas that might benefit the church, whether it is local, denominational, or ecumenical.  But ultimately each person who writes for this blog, whether me or a guest, reflects their own opinions. 

Concerning reviews, of which you will find many on this site, with few exceptions, the books reviewed have been provided either by the publisher or by a publicist for the publisher. That being said, I feel no obligation to provide a positive review.  But, if the review is positive (and most are because I really see no point in reviewing books I don't think are worth reading), they shouldn't be seen as a solicited endorsement, but a thoughtful response to the book

Concerning Comments:  Although this blog has previously allowed anonymous comments, I have taken the step of requiring registration -- either through a google account or through OpenID.  Either of these sources should provide you the necessary access to comment. 

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