Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yellow Journalism

I believe in the First Amendment and its protections of religion, speech and the press. At times in our history all three have suffered, though more recently speech and the press that have been the most circumscribed. Recently the New York Times has been charged with treason by some politicians for "revealing" something the present administration has been crowing about. Anyway, enough of that.

On a more local level, the Santa Barbara News Press is in an upheaval, in large part because of an owners attempt to "control" the news. She and her editorial page editor (now acting publisher) want the news to reflect their often strange views of the world -- which interestingly enough have a tint of anti-religion to them. Six editors, a long time columnist/reporter (of 46 years), and now a reporter have all resigned in protest of recent changes. Of course there are news outlets that reflect the odd ball views of their owners -- witness Fox News -- but this is our hometown paper upon which we're dependent for reliable and accurate news reporting. That the editorials are bizarre, well that's okay as long as it doesn't get mixed in elsewhere. Now we're not sure where to turn!


Anonymous said...

You state that McCaw's views, "... interestingly enough have a tint of anti-religion to them" I would be interested in seeing evidence of this bias.

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

A question is asked about McCaw's anti-religious bias, that may be too broad. It might be better to say anti-Christian/Jewish/Muslim. I would point to two things. One is her recruiting of William Edelen. Edelen has a strong sentiment against these three major religions and does so with bitter invective. Second was a recent Travis Armstrong editorial that basically said that religion should remain out of public sight -- in this case Mark Asman and other religious leaders should keep their noses out of the public square.

Nichole said...

Did you used to go to Edgewood Baptist Church, like, eight years ago?

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


No, I've been part of some Baptist churches, but not that one. Thanks for stopping by.