Dobson's take on Fred Thompson and the Newt

Besides the hoopla on Anna Nicole Smith, which seems to have everyone still agog, many of us are wondering who the Religious Right will annoint as their GOP candidate. Many of the candidates have made the requisite stops and have been interviewed by Jim Dobson or Pat Robertson, hoping to receive their imprimatur. So far, no one has received this coveted anointing.
Dan Gilgoff of US News reports that Dobson is impressed by actor Fred Thompson's credentials as a conservative -- he affirms all the right things. But, according to Dobson, he's not sure Thompson is a Christian --- though apparently he was baptized in the Church of Christ (which should not be confused with the United Church of Christ -- the denominational affiliation of Barack Obama). The Church of Christ is the conservative branch of my own Stone-Campbell tradition, best known for its a capella worship.
But, if Fred doesn't make the grade because he doesn't pass Dobson's "religious test," dear old Newt Gingrich does. Now Newt has recently received absolution by the fathers of the Religious Right for his confession that while he was leading the impeachment of Bill Clinton for perjuring himself about having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, he himself was having an affair. For some reason, his wasn't as morally bad as Bill's. Dobson is however very impressed with Newt's intellect.

While making it clear he was not endorsing any Republican presidential candidate, Dobson, who is considered the most politically powerful evangelical figure in the country, also said that Gingrich was the "brightest guy out there" and "the most articulate politician on the scene today."

Gingrich recently appeared on Dobson's daily Focus on the Family radio program, carried by upward of 2,000 American radio stations, where he made headlines by discussing an extramarital affair he was having even as he pursued impeachment against President Bill Clinton for his handling of the investigation into the Monica Lewinsky affair.

So, stay tuned as we await the puff of smoke coming from Colorado Springs!


Anonymous said…
Sen. Fred was actually MARRIED in a UCC church...


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. Fred Thompson, a star of Hollywood movies and real-life political dramas, played the leading man again on Saturday. This time it was at his own wedding.

Taking a big step toward life after politics, the retiring Republican senator married political and media specialist Jeri Kehn in a small, private ceremony in Naperville, Ill.

Thompson, 59, has known Kehn, 35, since they met on the Fourth of July in 1996. The couple is departing this weekend for France for a honeymoon.

Thompson announced his retirement in March after eight years in the Senate where he became one of the GOP's rising stars and was even mentioned as a possible running mate for President Bush in 2000.

His brother, Ken, served Saturday as his best man.

The couple was married at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in the Illinois town where the bride's parents live. The Rev. Gregory Schneck-Skiba presided and only about a dozen guests were invited to the small family ceremony.
Now that is interesting that a good old CofC boy would end up getting married in a UCC church. From Dobson's point of view, he must not be a Christian!!!

Now Barack and Fred have something in common.

Thanks for pointing this out!
K said…
That's amazing. I live in Aurora IL. the town next to Naperville.
The Naperville UCC ran some excellent radio spots during Christmas. The theme of the ads reflected the national Church's policy of all are welcome, No exceptions.
The web site is Love and Justice. org

Hardly your typical Evangelical “only the right kind of Christian allowed” kind of church.

Great Blog btw


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