Thursday, March 22, 2007

John Edwards Campaign Halted

Unfortunate news is coming out that John Edwards is suspending his campaign because of his wife's health issues. This is really disheartening news. Even though I've put my hat in the Obama ring, I have great respect for John Edwards, supported him in 2004, and welcome his strong advocacy for the poor and the working class of America. He had yet to take off in the polls, but his lead in the Iowa polls suggested a real opportunity to do just that.
Therefore, my prayers and thoughts are reaching out to Elizabeth Edwards as she deals with her breast cancer and to John as he focuses on family rather than nation. At this point, it's unknown whether this is permanent or not, but it looks as if that is what is happening. So, we pray.

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Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

As reported in the update, the initial story was wrong and the LA Times report referenced here is the same report as in my update. If that makes sense. We do pray for the Edwards family