Standing on Moses' Shoulders

Today Barack Obama took to a Selma, Alabama pulpit and claimed his place in the African-American community. Appearing at a commemoration of the 1965 Voting Rights March, he used the images of Moses and Joshua, and spoke as part of the Joshua Generation, standing on the shoulders of the Moses Generation -- that is, the generation of the great Civil Rights Leaders.

He spoke of crossing into the promised land, pointing out the inequities of American life and yet calling for responsibility. It seems to be a good speech that should build momentum.

To read the speech, click here.


DaNutz said…
I was getting worried during the first part of his speech. He can be very boring at times but he finally nailed it. If you can't go over well in a place like that then you'll never play well to a national audience. He gets a B+ in my book.

Hillary did a good job yesterday also. I gave her a B. The degree of difficulty for those speeches on that day was extremely low. All you had to do was mention Moses or MLK and the crowd was going to go through the roof.

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