For the Bible Tells Me So -- Updates

In today's LA Times there appears an article about a Gay film festival that featured five films dealing with religion/sexuality issues. Among those films shown at the festival was "For the Bible Tells Me So." This is a documentary that appeared at the 2007 Sundance Festival and garnered great reviews. But a general release date hasn't been set -- at least until now.
Directed by Daniel Karslake the documentary follows 5 families dealing with a gay family member -- among those families is Dick Gephardt's. Desmond Tutu and Peter Gomes are among the persons interviewed in this film that in a straightforward manner deals with the biblical, theological, and pastoral issues of this controversy. My friend Steve Kindle of Clergy United for the Equality of Homosexuals was involved in the film.
It appears that a theatrical release date is set for October 2007.


Rupert said…
Also, there's an AMAZING film called God & Gays: Bridging the Gap. It's told from the viewpoint of the gay Christians themselves, who have been silenced until now. The filmmakers have gone so far as to put together a huge event called the God & Gays Gathering. It's happening August 3rd and 4th in Nashville at Holy Trinity Community Church, which is UCC. They have Bishop John Shelby Spong, Mel White, Peggy Campolo and a bunch more speaking, plus break out groups. It's amazing. Please help spread the word, I'd love to finally see an event and movie like this get all of our support. For info:

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