Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hillary's Hypocrisy

Hillary likes to have it both ways. She likes to play aggressive and then plays victim when things don't go her way. She accuses Obama of dirty tricks and then does them to him. It's an unending cycle. Feeling some "momentum" of her own, she has begun to undermine Obama's credibility as a leader. Surrounding herself with retired military leaders with a backdrop of flags she claims that while she and John McCain have a lifetime of experience, Obama only has a speech. In a campaign maneuver to do whatever it takes to win, no matter the cost, she is saying in effect -- If Obama wins the nomination the nation won't be safe, and therefore John McCain is the safe bet. And, who benefits from this? McCain of course. Thank you Hillary!
As for they hypocrisy angle, remember that "NAFTA memo" that cast Obama's campaign in bad light, and which led Hillary to talk about winking and nodding? Well, guess what, her campaign may have given the same signals, only the news didn't leak out until later. Here is a Canadian report on that very issue.

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