Friday, March 21, 2008

Richardson Endorses Obama

Sometimes endorsements come at just the right time. Barack Obama has had a tough couple of weeks as the Wright issue emerged and Hillary Clinton began to regain some momentum that was lost in February. Today, however, as we observe Good Friday, good news came to the Obama campaign.

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, a friend of the Clintons, a member of the Clinton administration, a person of experience and well regarded around the world, gave his blessing to the candidacy of Barack Obama. This is an important embrace, for Richardson brings his gravitas as foreign policy expert to the fold. He is likely a top candidate for VP (I was thinking Kathleen Sebelius, but considering recent events, Richardson is likely the leading candidate because of the foreign policy angle). Richardson is also Hispanic, which gives Obama a sense of credibility in that key area of the country. Besides, in the Fall, New Mexico will be a battle ground and Richardson will be an important voice in the Mountain West.

Richardson based his decision in large part on the way Obama handled the issue of race and his relationship with Jeremiah Wright. That speech moved him and suggested that Obama has the integrity and ability to handle difficult issues. His message to the party is an important one. It's time to come together and rally around the candidate that is leading and get ready to take on John McCain.

He concluded:

My great affection and admiration for Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton will never waver.
It is time, however, for Democrats to stop fighting amongst ourselves and to prepare for the tough fight we will face against John McCain in the Fall.

The 1990's were a decade of peace and prosperity because of the competent and enlightened leadership of the Clinton administration, but it is now time for a new generation of leadership to lead America forward.

Barack Obama will be a historic and a great President, who can bring us the change we so desperately need by bringing us together as a nation here at home and with our allies abroad.

I know that all Democrats will work tirelessly to get him elected.

It is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce to you the next President of the United States, my friend, Barack Obama.

You may read the entire text by clicking here.

So, we rejoice in the good news.


haitianministries said...

An Obama/Richardson ticket--now that sounds like a real dream team!

Liquidoxology said...

I was surprised to see Richardson emdorse Obama, but what an interesting development.