Back to School's Silly Season

On Tuesday many of America's children will go back to school. It's traditional to start right after Labor Day Weekend, which marks the unofficial end to the Summer. I know that a number of my church families will be off camping this weekend. It's going to be a beautiful weekend, so I understand!

On Tuesday, as America's children begin their school year, the President of the United States will be delivering a special message to them, encouraging them to do well, to work hard, to be diligent, and to stay in school. President George H.W. Bush did the same, as did Ronald Reagan, but for some reason this is supposed to be a communist plot. Yes, the education department did put a silly question into the teacher's packet, but it's not as if the teachers had to use the question and it's been replaced, so let it go.

Personally, I think this is one of the silliest controversies in the history of this union. I mean, if the President of the United States can't encourage our children then we have a problem. I was not a fan of George Bush. I thought/think he was a failed president. But, he was still America's president. Just as Bill Clinton was, and even Richard Nixon was. We don't have to like our Presidents as individuals, but I think we need to be careful about what we teach our children about respecting the leaders of the nation. Even if we don't like the holder of the office, we need to respect the office or we will find ourselves in deep trouble.

So, let it go. Send you kids to school. Let them hear the President. Let them dream of becoming President themselves some day. And most of all, may the children of America have a safe and successful school year!


Country Parson said…
I'm having a problem remaining civil and have tipped over the edge to respond to some of this silliness with a plain "O stuff it!" My daughter chastised me for not being nice in my response to a colleague of hers who opposed health care reform on the grounds of the entire menu of silliness that we have all heard. She was right. I was not nice. God and I are going to have to have a long talk about this.
Anonymous said…
To help your argument with someone like myself who may disagree with the notion.. I would HIGHLY recommend not using the same word the press secretary used. It sounds like you are just a mouth piece vs giving serious thought to this issue. I do mean this in honesty sincerity. This is a common trend now where people on either side simply spout off sound bites to defend their position.
This is hardly one of the silliest issues in history, much less currently. All you have to do is read who got stimulus money and who didn't, cash for clunkers, Van Jones, etc...
My issue is simply we have a president who has a tough month and a very tough hill to climb on health care. The issue to me is more of timing and this speech has suddenly come about. I also DID NOT like the letter to the president. I am not naive and hardly believe in "misprints", if that is the case than it means their office is run very sloppy.

Well, let's see, the stimulus money has gone more to red states that didn't vote for Obama than to Blue states that did--even though most of their governors tried to refuse them and had to be overridden by their state legislatures.

Obama is FAR from perfect and, if anything, we on the Left have more reason for disappointment than do the conservatives.

Reagan used his speech to schoolchildren to argue that they should convince their parents of the wisdom of his tax policy. I think the "indoctrination" fear is conservative projection--knowing how THEY try to brainwash kids.

Me, I trust my children. If they don't listen to me, I doubt they'll instantly be brainwashed by any politician.
Anonymous said…
Well, Van Jones fell on his sword, so back to the real isssue. Chuck has a point. The clunker program temporarily helped the auto industry, and will continue to help the insurance industry. Many with those new cars now realize why older, paid off cars were a good deal. No collision insurance required was required! It seems were smart enough to treat ourselves for smaller health issues than allowed now.

How about starting an internet based program where we can treat ourselves. Legalize self treatment, including some medical drugs that are now restricted, or illegal for silly reasons? Save the resourses for serious issues that really need a doctor's care.
There are liability issues that need to be considered, but the drug companies seem to think we're the deciders anyway- They don't say "ask your doctor" anymore. The say "tell your doctor". In the end, I'd bet less people would be mistreated. David Mc
Anonymous said…
Let us chose our vices. Offer a choice of alcohol or marijuana. How many who need to self medicate would choose the far lesser evil? "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; that which cometh out of the mouth defileth a man." (Mat. 15:11)
Anonymous said…
Michael, you raise a good point about examples, so here is one:
The Associated Press reported some of the country's busiest border checkpoints are getting no stimulus money, while small checkpoints handling fewer than 60 people per day have been allocated millions of dollars -- in Montana and North Dakota, which have powerful Democratic senators.

That to me is plain silly! Spending millions on a border crossing that has SIXTY people a day. Remember the stimulus package HAD to be passed or unemployment would go over 8%? (its now almost 10%)

Interesting you didn't put tobacco in the list of vices.

Anonymous said…
I was a smoker for 37 years. I quit a year ago July. I don't miss it, but I miss the occasional toke.
I can drink my heart out, but a joint could turn up a positive test for 2-3 months after and I'd be out of a job.

I didn't want to include cigarettes because they're too nasty. More destructive and addictive than most vices.
David Mc
Anonymous said…
Chuck, there are mexicans stealing the crossing fences for scrap.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of silly, David have you ever pondered the societal hypocrisy towards tobacco and alcohol?
Tobacco is bad b/c it is bad for your health.. but how many people are killed by drunk drivers? I bet more people are killed by drunks. Why not put pictures of bodies in car wrecks on a case of beer as warning?

Tobacco is addicting.. have you ever been to an AA meeting? I think alcohol is pretty darn addicting... in fact tobacco is what you go to in order to get off alcohol.

Second hand smoke MAY cause health issues. A [physically abusive drunk WILL cause health issues.

No ever died from smoking and driving. A drunk has no control of anything.

My point is to say one is ok or not.. I think both are bad when used excessively. It is just to point out the hypocrisy we live in and it can be pretty silly.
Anonymous said…
"No ever died from smoking and driving."

I was rearended very hard by a guy adjusting his radio once. Any distraction while driving (ie. reaching for the lighter, searching for an ashtray, hot ashes in the crotch) can and has caused auto deaths. In fact, more are killed on the roads every year than war.

I understand the issues with alcohol. I'm talking about personal choice. I was pondering the societal hypocrisy you point out. I wrote Obama a scathing letter after his flippant answer about pot after one of his town hall meetings.

Out of the tens of millions who smoke weed, there are one ot two deaths max supposedly attributed to it. Many more probably were saved by avoiding worse things.

How many fights have you heard in a pothouse brawl? I assure you, there are plenty of pothouses.

Mexico just decriminalized possesion- to keep the cops from taking bribes.

I understand Bob's blog might not be the right place for this, but I souppose he'd pipe in if that were the case. David Mc

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