Disciples and Scientific Enquiry

My own science background is pretty slim, that is my formal training in the sciences, but I am interested in the intersection of faith and science. I've been from the beginning part of the Clergy Letter Project that sponsors Evolution Sunday/Weekend. I believe that evolution and faith are not incompatible. On this issue I'd recommend Daniel Harrell's Nature's Witness, (Abingdon Press) and Karl Giberson's Saving Darwin (HarperOne). Both are very accessible and helpful.

For those of you who wish to engage in conversation on the issue of science and cosmology, especially if you are from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), then you might want to check out a new blog called DISCI: Disciples' Institute for Scientific and Cosmological Inquiry. The moderator of this blog -- which is designed for conversation is Dr. David Waggoner, a Disciples pastor, psychologist, and a fellow alumnus of Northwest Christian University. He graduated prior to my arrival, but hey I can still plug a fellow Disciple and alum!


Anonymous said…
How cool. I love this stuff.
My wife and I were just talking about a church outing to start-gaze. I'd bring my cheap telescope. Her response was, how would we know when we'd have a clear night. I couldn't answer that point living in Michigan. Thanks for the link! David Mc
I thought you'd like it! Be sure to post over there.


RLI said…
Bob-- Thanks so much for your kind words about DISCI! The blogsite was launched only a couple of weeks ago, and the homesite is on The Intersection, sponsored by DisciplesWorld. I knew there had to be a lot of Disciples (and others) curious about how to find a way to integrate their faith and science. I decided something like DISCI could contribute to the conversation in a way that steps away from the controversies of the past couple of centuries and strides into the realities that science has discovered, but that we lack clear theology to talk about.

Thanks again, and blessings in your work, as well!

Anonymous said…
"I thought you'd like it! Be sure to post over there."

I already did, but you can't get rid of me that easy. Kidding. David Mc

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