Save Troy Rally Tonight

Tonight (Tuesday, October 20th) at 7:00 PM there will be a rally at Troy, Michigan's Community Center (Room 402) focusing on the current financial issues threatening to deconstruct the programs and infrastructure that have made for a more than livable city.

The Rally is sponsored by the Troy Leadership Coalition. Among the planned speakers are the city's mayor, Louise Schilling, along with other community leaders, the three candidates that have received the coalition's support (Maureen McGinnis, Will Molnar, and Dane Slater. Oh, and I've been asked to share a few words as well. I plan to talk about the common good of all citizens.

If you live in Troy and care about the city's future, I hope you'll be there. Oh, and vote on November 3rd for new leadership in this city.


Anonymous said…
I hope you all can make the difference needed in Troy. My prayers and support are with you.
Age Less said…
Thank you Reverend for posting this.
I'm with you!

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