Saving Troy -- A Rally Update

Word to the Wise: I will be speaking out on the blog from time to time about the ongoing financial/leadership situation in the community in which I live and serve as pastor. As I speak out on the issues of the day, I speak as a pastor. Any endorsement of candidates is done here as a private citizen and not as a pastor.


So, last night I joined about 75 others at a rally sponsored by the Troy Leadership Coalition (a nonpartisan organization) to hear from three candidates, the mayor, two existing councilpersons, and others in the community speak to the need for leadership if Troy, Michigan is to continue being the community it has always been, a community that provides a safe, secure, and enjoyable quality of life. I was one of the speakers -- following the mayor. Now, I'm new to the town, while most who spoke last night are long-term residents. So my perspective is a bit different, but the desire is the same.

Now, there are those who would dismantle the city's services in order to "save money." They have already squeezed the orange so many times that there is little juice left. Indeed, the mantra among some is always cut taxes and cut services. No real solution, just a call for cutting things. That doesn't bode well for the city.

Last night the focus was on leadership, the need for good leadership, because right now there is a governing majority on the City Council that will not lead. They represent that mentality that says "cut, cut, cut." It's a political calculus, but not one worthy of leadership. We need realism in our leadership, but we also need vision and a willingness to stand up and tell the truth. I think we as the citizenry can take the truth -- if we're educated about it.

There is an article in the Oakland Press that focuses on the rally. The online version even has some video. Unfortunately the author of the article has to end with a comment by someone who left early disgruntled that we didn't have a discussion about what could be done with the budget. Too bad he didn't stay for the public conversation that occurred after the speakers had finished. Well, that should be expected, I suppose. But with an important election close at hand, it's time to lift our voices and call for new leadership.

And with that, let me once again lift up the names of Dane Slater, Maureen McGinnis, and Will Molnar, asking Troy residents to add them to a new, visionary, governing majority.


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