Election Night Results and kudos

My electoral night focus is locally focused. I would love to report a clean sweep, but two out of three isn't bad.

I want to give my congratulations to Maureen McGinnis, top vote getter, and Dane Slater, who came in second. Will Molnar made it close, but the lone tax fighter, Wade Fleming came in third. Fleming was the lone incumbent and his wife was running for re-election to the school board, so maybe its no surprise he snuck in there. So, I offer him congratulations and offer my hope that he will join in the hard work of getting a once proud city back on track.

This is a strong no to the tactics of the so-called tax fighters. It represents the recognition that the people of Troy don't want to shut down the second most used library in the county and other contributors to our quality of life. Strong leadership from the council, together with transparency and education will draw the community together.

So, a good night for Troy!


Anonymous said…
A religious person with an influence with political persons...

Wasn't Christ that way too??

I think the politicians put Jesus to death! Oh, well.
Deb Habel said…
Rial, even the religious must live in the world. All residents of Troy (an agreeably diverse community) are our neighbors. We all have a responsibility to steward our community, affecting change as we deem appropriate for the benefit of our community. The current issues are far too important to focus on our differences. We all have a lot of the same concerns -- adequate municipal services (like our library) in the current economy, is front and center today. Please won't you work with your neighbors to help address our challenges?

Reverend, this is the first place I've found local results this morning. Thank you for posting! I agree with you that it was time for new leadership, although I'd made up my mind with the Hooter's debacle that risked the City's financial security before the current world-wide financial crisis.
Anonymous said…
Yep, this is the only place posting the results. Glad to see some new faces. Hope these folks can lead us back to better days. Any person with a conscience can join with others to help our community and the world. Troy is certainly a diverse community and is better for it.
Anonymous said…
all election results were posted before 5 am on freep.com

Please use this for future reference

All I said was that Christ had influence with politicians.

He also had the courage of his convictions. Keep it up P.B.


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