The Future of Faith -- Recapping a Blogging Project

Having been commissioned by Tripp Fuller to participate in another Transforming Theology blogging project, and in that context to read and prepare a blogger's guide for readers of Harvey Cox's The Future of Faith, I laid out, chapter by chapter, this guide. I published here each of those sections to further the conversation. Having completed that venture, I would like to post a list of of these posts. You may click on the link to each -- and if you've not yet purchased a book there is a link at the end to Amazon -- yes I'll get a little kick-back!

As for Harvey Cox and this book. Our author is an interesting contributor to the contemporary conversation about faith and religion. He is a Baptist and a long time professor at Harvard Divinity School. He's wrestled with everything from secularism to Pentecostalism. In this book he suggests that Christian history can be divided into three epochs, the third of which we are just now entering. He makes a distinction between faith and belief -- one that I'm not sure completely works, but a conviction he apparently holds in common with Karen Armstrong -- that puts emphasis on faith as practice not doctrinal affirmation.

While, Cox may cut to sweeping a path here, he invites us to an important conversation about the nature of faith and its place in modern society. Although I may find some of his history suspect, the interpretations are compelling. So, take a look here, and then pick up a book and read for yourself. Oh, and pick up the conversation here!!

You may follow the links below, chapter by chapter, to get a sense of the book and its message:

1. An Age of the Spirit: The Sacred in the Secular?

2. Einstein's Snuffed-Out Candles: Awe Wonder and Faith

3. Ships Already Launched: The Voyage from Mystery to Faith

4. The Road Runner and the Gospel of Thomas: What Happens When it Wasn't Really That Way?

5. The People of the Way: The Devolution from Faith to Belief

6. The Bishop is Your High Priest and Mighty King: The Rise of the Clerical Caste

7. Constantine's Last Supper: The Invention of Heresy

8. No Lunch with the Prefect: How to Fix the Papacy

9. Living in Haunted Houses: Beyond the Interfaith Dialogue

10. Get Them into the Lifeboat: The Pathos of Fundamentalism

11: Meet Rocky, Maggie, and Barry: Which Bible Do the Bible Believers Believe?

12. Sant'Egidio and St. Praxedis: Where the Past Meets the Future

13. Blood on the Altar of Divine Providence: Liberation Theology and the Rebirth of Faith

14. The Last Vomit of Satan and the Persistent List Makers: Pentecostals and the Age of the Spirit

15. The Future of Faith


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