One more step closer on health care -- Senate has the votes

I doubt it's a perfect bill, but from what I've heard, it will, in the end cut the deficit -- according to CBO estimates. Harry Read has now gotten the 60 votes to take a measure to full debate on the Senate floor. It's not a done deal, but at least we can move ahead. Hopefully, in the end, those Democrats who can't support the bill won't stand in the way of a vote. I got this mixed up when I first posted this -- got a bit too excited. But, if we can get something in the Senate, the question will e whether the Senate and House can come up with something that will go through both houses!

But this is good news. If we can get this thing started, we can tweak it as we go along, improving things.

Ultimately a national health care bill that provides something akin to what Canada has will be necessary if the US is going to compete globally. We are the only developed nation without such coverage, and ultimately this is bad for business (as Tom Friedman pointed out last night on Charlie Rose). So, it's not just a moral issue (which is my angle), it's also an economic one.


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