One Step Closer on Health Care Reform

We are the point of historic change in the way health care is provided in this country. The House last night passed by a small margin a health care bill that will extend health care to millions and prevent companies from cherry picking healthy people and leave the rest with few options. What has passed isn't Marxist nor is it Socialist. Heck, this isn't even an expansion of Medicare to cover everyone. Indeed, if this bill is a Socialist conspiracy, then I would like to see these opponents get rid of Medicare. See how that would go over with the seniors in their district!

The bill, which passed by a narrow 220-215 vote in the House, is the closest we've ever gotten to comprehensive health care reform. Of course, tacked on to it is a Republican sponsored abortion prohibition, which was allowed to get the bill passed.

Now, we await a Senate bill. There are, of course sufficient votes to pass a bill in the Senate, but we have to get beyond a threatened filibuster. It takes 60 votes, not to enact legislation, but to allow a vote. Will such a vote be allowed, we will see very soon.

Again, no bill is perfect. But it's time we start looking at correcting a system that simply doesn't serve us very well.


Time to call Lieberman daily.
Anonymous said…
Call him what? Oh, you mean filibuster him?

Filibuster his website too-

Back off buddy. Filibuster is unAmerican.
Let the health care bill be. Keep your bloody hands off it. One man, one vote, you publicity seeking hack.

I accuse you of false advertizing-

"More than that, he is a national leader who works across Party lines to find common ground, who speaks his conscience, and who gets things done for Connecticut and the country".

I guess I could have used more honey...

David Mc
Anonymous said…
Remind him of the people's voice-

President Obama Job Approval

RCP Average 10/22 - 11/7approve 51.8
dissaprove 43.7

Congressional Job Approval

RCP Average 10/1 - 11/1
approve 25.5
disapprove 66.7
Anonymous said…
Can't forget my own senators.

I'll keep this short, but the issue is huge.

Please pass the next health care bill as written. We can let it evolve from there.

Thank you- David
Anonymous said…
Watch how your sausages are made-
Anonymous said…
I just hope they pass it so sick people will quit crawling onto my porch and dying. There's been at least 4 so far this year, and they start to stink after a few days you know. I bet that doesn't happen in Canada or the U.K.!!!
mdeals said…
I am happy with his plan but its too expensive..

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