Origin of Species -- 150 Years Later

Today is the sesquicentennial of the publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of the Species. It was a landmark publication, setting the world on a new course of discovery and explanation. 150 years later, its effects are still being felt. The book transformed not just science, however, it served to rock the religious world as well. That is because it sufficiently undermined the traditional readings of scripture and theological explanations of the world. Although Darwin became an agnostic, and struggled to reconcile the idea of a loving and just God with the world he had discovered -- one that didn't always seem all that nice -- as well as the loss of his beloved daughter to a premature death, he was never an atheist. He could never go that far.

As Christians who believe that all truth is God's truth, we needn't be afraid of science -- and that includes the findings of Darwin. Darwin was not and is not the final word on evolution, but he set the conversation in motion and his thoughts still drive the conversation. I realize that there are challenges to faith in this, but we simply must wrestle with this. And, for those who wish to know more about Darwin and faith, I would suggest they read Karl Giberson's excellent book of 2008 -- Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution, (Harper One, 2008). Giberson is by background an evangelical, but he is also a scientist.

So, won't you join in the celebration?


Rial Hamann said…
I'm waiting for the celbration of Einstein's birthday also. But now for thr present past - hats off to Mrs Darwin
Gary said…
No; I try to never celebrate liars.
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Anonymous said…
Hey Gary, sorry to break it to you, but 1 + 1 appears to equal 2. I guess I might be wrong though, if you say so.

David Mc
Gary said…
David Mc,

You are right, 1+1=2. But evolution is not true. We did not evolve from "lower life forms", and there is no scientific evidence that we did. You can believe that fairy tale if you want, but I know better.

The evidence is there every time you go to the doctor. There is a reason why they test medicines on mice and other animals -- it's because we share ancestry. If we didn't, then these tests would make no sense!
Anonymous said…
I never said we evolve from "lower life forms". I'm not one to judge Homo heidelbergensis


David Mc
Gary said…

No, I do not share ancestry with rats, or other animals. The fact that humans share some characteristics with some animals, like four limbs, five toes, two eyes, and even some DNA, has been misinterpreted by evolutionists to mean that we had the same ancestors, but what it really means is that we had a common Creator who apparently saw no need to start from scratch everytime He made something.

I choose to believe the Bible; you have made a different choice.

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