Saving Jesus an Aisle Seat

That is the title of a blog post by my friend and former pastor -- Brett Younger, Professor of Preaching at McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. Brett is a gifted preacher, has a wry sense of humor, and is able to watch a movie with homiletical sensitivities. I've tried to do this, but not with nearly as much success as Brett.

Anyway, Brett has taken a look at movies that we might want to watch with Jesus -- not all of which are religious in intent. Brett notes:

There are movies, however, that have more to say than some revival preachers. These films usually don’t mention Jesus by name, but they are about the kind of truth Jesus proclaimed. They help us understand what it means to love, hate, suffer, and celebrate.

As for those that focus on Jesus -- you know Passion of the Christ, Last Temptation, etc.:

My guess is that Jesus doesn’t care for most of the films that are supposed to be about Jesus. He seldom challenges anyone in the movies. Jesus is usually depicted as too boring for us to imagine religious people wanting to execute him.

But there are others, like Doubt, Gandhi, Tender Mercies, that Jesus might enjoy watching with us -- because they have messages we need to hear/experience. I'd say-- check out Brett's post, and because he doesn't have a comments section, come back and offer your thoughts about movies with theological insight here!


Darrel said…
off the top of my head:
Breaking the Waves
Places in the Heart
Pale Rider
Cool Hand Luke

(don't laugh) Galaxy Quest
Million Dollar Baby
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Just about anything bu Bergman

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