The Speciousness of Anti- Health Care Reform Arguments

I've always wondered what the hang up was with health care reform. Even though current federal law prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion, opponents have consistently insisted that it would fund abortions. So, where's the loophole, I've wondered. Well this morning on the news, I got my answer.

Private insurance carriers -- those that provide care for the wealthy and those with employer provided care -- provide for abortion services. Note here that private insurance is supposed to be better than government provided insurance. If we have health care reform, and the government provides subsidies so that those who cannot afford it, can get private insurance -- well guess what, they'll qualify for abortion services. I guess medicare is okay, because seniors won't be getting abortions, but if you're under 65, and you find it difficult to get health coverage, well you're on your own, because we wouldn't want lower income people to get abortions. And this is pro-life?

And as for illegal immigrants, even though they are barred from getting government help, they don't seem to be barred from getting into the possible insurance pools. So, since a few "illegals" might get health care, we will make sure millions of others can't get access to affordable health care.

Now, as for rationing. That's already in place. If you can't afford high end insurance, your options are limited. The "private insurance" carriers will determine what they will pay for, and if you don't qualify, or you've already spent your allotment, well too bad, because we wouldn't want the wealthy to suffer.

I simply don't get the arguments. They lack any sense of justice or compassion. And the worst part of it is that many of the most vociferous opponents of this are Christians. I would like to suggest that a proper definition of "pro-life would include care for those already born!

So, tonight, as the House gets ready to vote, I ask our congressional representatives to remember the needs of the whole, and not just those who are wealthy enough or healthy enough to get top notch care!


Anonymous said…
Quick question Bob,
If a member of your church came to you and said "I want to max all of my credit cards and give all the money to the church. I know I can't really afford to pay it back, but that will be the bank's problem. I just know I can help so many people". What would you say? Its essentially what the American people are being asked to do.

The price tag is one TRILLION or $1,000,000,000,000. That money has to be paid by someone.. WHO??? At unemployment at 10%, that means you can't tax people. IF you tax business more, then that 10% goes higher. So you are robbing from the future.

Ps.. the VA is a disaster (remember the expose on lousy conditions), Medicare is basically broke, Social Security has the potential to break the country. So my question is simply, what gives you any idea this will work? Remember the stimulus bill where we dropped $700 BILLION to save employment... how did that work out?

I am sorry but all that Hope has turned into Hype.

I'm sure the US health care system needs to be reformed, but whether the bill that just passed by 5 votes will do any good I am not sure.

Anyways, this was just the 1st round, there's Senate waiting to get its teeth on it.

I'm so glad I can just watch this safely from Toronto! Good luck to you all,
Thanks Lorne for your comment.

Chuck -- The CBO has said that in the long run health care reform will save the government money. There is a cost side here, but there is also a savings side.

And remember that if people aren't covered by health insurance, the government still eventually will have to pick up the tab if they go to the ER.

The cost of reform will be balanced out in different ways. As for the ultra rich having to pay a bit more in taxes, well I can't really cry too much for them.

As for the VA, the problem with it, like many programs being overseen during the last administration -- when the administration doesn't believe in government it doesn't give good oversight!

Remember Mike Brown at FEMA -- he was put in that position not because he was qualified, but as a political favor. That was the Bush-Cheney way of doing things!
Anonymous said…
Don't forget...the insurance that is already in place for the poor...Medicaid. It's next to impossible to find a doctor that will accept it. Many people who are on medicaid end up waiting until they are really sick and go to the emergency room because they can't be turned away there. The Insurance companies need a major overhaul, but so do the doctors who no longer take the hypocratic oath...there are many who only treat those that they can make money off of.
nilan pell said…
I guess medicare is okay, because seniors won't be getting abortions, but if you're see story under 65, and you find it difficult to get health coverage, well you're on your own, because we wouldn't want lower income people to get abortions. And this is pro-life?

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