Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Eric Gregory raises questions about Cox and Clayton's enterprises!

I've been listening to/watching a series of videos from the recent AAR meeting in Montreal. There was a session entitled Transforming Theology: Public Theology in the Contemporary Landscape. It focused on responses to the books by Harvey Cox (Future of Faith) and Philip Clayton (Transforming Christian Theology). I've already posted pieces by Clayton and Serene Jones. Now I wish to share a response by a young Professor of Religion at Princeton University named Eric Gregory. Gregory has evangelical Baptist roots and is trained in the thought of St. Augustine. He's a Christian, but not clergy or a systematic theologian. He responds to the challenges put forth by these two books -- one of which I have mixed feelings about and the other (not just because Clayton mentions me in the intro to the book) about which I'm extremely excited.
I think his questions and challenges are apt and worth considering closely. Theology, he says is not the savior, but theology done poorly can be bad for the soul. Take a listen, offer your thoughts -- and Philip or Tripp, if you're out there, reading this -- give a response!!

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