Saturday, December 19, 2009

A New Logo

My blog has been, well, rather plain.  That's okay, I'm not a designer, and it's worked well for me.  But I've been playing with the idea of jazzing it up a little.  Well, when Will Boyd developed a logo for the website he's defining for Central Woodward Christian Church -- I'm looking forward to inviting you to its unveiling soon -- I said to myself -- I need that.  Now, the logo will look different on the website (part of this is I'm not a designer, so I just stayed with the easy methods allowed by blogspot.  But, I think it adds a little bit of dimension to the header, don't you think?

I'm curious as to what you see in the logo?  What does it say to you?  I have my ideas, but I think I'll hold off on revealing them!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Protecting the arctic ice? It does look connected. It’s nice. You're not seeing the trinity in it? Kidding. David Mc