Pastor Bob's Top Ten Books of 2009

Since I do a lot of book reviewing on this blog, I decided to put together my own Top 10 Book List for the year, as well as declare a Book of the Year.  Now, this list is comprised only of books that were published in 2009 and that I have read.  I know there are other deserving books that I didn’t read -- in fact I've got a couple on the shelf waiting to be read.  And among the books that I've read, I have to say that most were great reads.  But, I've decided to limit myself to ten books that most impacted me this year.  All of these books have been reviewed on my blog and/or in another venue – either online or in print.  

After the book of the year is named, the remaining ten are listed in no particular order.  All ten books are quite worthy of your attention.

Book of the Year:

Bruce and Katherine Epperly, Tending to the Holy, Alban, 2009 (Reviewed in Blog and Sharing the Practice)

Nine more Excellent Books:

Diana Butler Bass, People’s History of Christianity, Harper One 2009 (Reviewed in Christian Century)

Michael Kinnamon and Jan Linn, Disciples, Chalice Press, 2009.  (Blog and Sharing the Practice)

Kimberly Bracken Long, The Worshiping Body, WJK, 2009 (Blog and Sharing the Practice)

Robert Wright, The Evolution of God, Little Brown, 2009 (Blog)

William Stacey Johnson, John Calvin: Reformer for the 21st Century, WJK, 2009 (Blog and Sharing the Practice)

Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan, The First Paul, Harper One, 2009.  (Blog)

Nora Gallagher, The Sacred Meal, Thomas Nelson, 2009 (Blog)

Harvey Cox, Future of Faith, Harper One, 2009.  (Blog and Progressive Christian)       
Fred Craddock, My Call to Preach, Chalice, 2009 (Reviewed in Congregations)


Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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