Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Public Theology in the Emerging Landscape -- Philip Clayton

As you might be able to tell from recent posts, I'm blogging through Philip Clayton's Transforming Christian Theology for Church and Society (Fortress, 2010). It's a book that calls for a change in the way that theology is done -- or at least the nature of the partners in the conversation. Having written academic treatises (that few read) he has realized that this work, valuable as it might be, is not filtering down to the church.

When the American Academy of Religion gathered recently (always the weekend before thanksgiving) in Montreal, Philip and a group of other scholars gathered to talk about the theme of this book -- and in this video clip (posted at the Transforming Theology website) he talks about why he made this decision (mentioning, along the way, yours truly). This is one of several videos from that conversation -- some of which I shall post along the way. Take a listen and then, of course, read along the postings!

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That was cute. May I suggest adding physiOLOGY? Or is that still too base? David Mc