Serene Jones and the One Big Idea of Theology

Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary, a Disciple, (like me) sister of Verity Jones, editor of Disciples World, and daughter of a retired Disciple theologian (Joe Jones), speaks of the big idea in theology -- what is it that is connecting theology to the world. She speaks as President of one of America's most distinguished seminaries, and yet, as she notes the ancient building is falling down around her. Yet, new life is breaking out in the midst of this old building.

She speaks at the American Academy of Religion meeting in Montreal -- at a session entitled Public Theology in the Emerging Landscape. It is part of a conversation stimulated by Philip Clayton. These videos are found at the Transforming Theology site.

I invite you to listen and offer your thoughts.


Anonymous said…
I like the first. "Be not afraid"

How about be not afraid to let 'interfaith be in your face"?

I would suggest a visit to the tiny island of Dominica before the Hati visit. Say hi to my sis while your there. David Mc
Anonymous said…
oh, just one more please..."innerfaith in you face". David Mc (I need to think up some akas for myself).

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