Darwin Day/Evolution Weekend Resources -- Good Place to Go

On Friday, Charles Darwin turns 201.  Yes, he's dead, but his shadow still hangs over us!   So, this week we'll celebrate Darwin Day, talk about science and faith, and even observe Evolution Weekend.

David Crumm, a former religion writer for the Detroit Free Press, and now a blogger of some renown, has provided a nice set of resources and conversation pieces on the topics that are forthcoming this week at Read the Spirit.

Here's his opening paragraphs, may it be an invitation to explore this important conversation (and the picture of the Beagle is from David's site:

Happy birthday, Charles Darwin! Darwin Day is coming and so is Evolution Weekend, when many churches make an effort to demonstrate that faith and science aren't enemies.
    At least two major American institutions—the Pew Forum and National Geographic—marked the earlier bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birth on Feb 12, 1809, with extensive reports on Darwin, evolution and the spiritual reflections surrounding Darwin's discoveries.
    For 2010, National Geographic added a fascinating report on the evolutionary journey of Darwin's own family! No kidding. Science shows that Darwin's family actually migrated out of Africa thousands of years ago. Click to read the whole story.
    The Pew Forum material focused on Americans' understanding of faith and science. And you'll also find links below to the ever-growing Clergy Letter Project that helps with resources for Evolution Weekend in many congregations. (Scroll down on this page to learn more.)


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