Fat Tuesday Considerations

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the day that our Lenten Journey toward Good Friday and Easter begins.  We will dutifully confess our sins, and allow ash to be smeared on to our foreheads -- as a reminder that we are sinners (I'm preaching on Psalm 51 tomorrow evening). 

But, that is tomorrow!  Today is a quite different day, one that goes by the names: Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival, or, if you are a more reserved Episcopalian -- Shrove Tuesday.   With the Lenten fast standing in front of us, today is the time for one last fling.  We're supposed to use up all the flour and other goodies in one last big meal.  After all, if you're going to confess your sins at that Ash Wednesday service, you might as well have something to confess! 

As for me and my household, we're not all that into fasting.  I did try to give up chips one year -- did pretty well, but wish I'd known that Sunday wasn't part of the fast -- that way I could have had my chip fix.  A preacher friend, who shall remain unnamed, gave up Dr. Pepper for Lent.  He remained true to the fast, but on Easter Sunday, when he and the family joined us for dinner, he brought a 6 pack and consumed them all!

Well, I may not be that much into fasting, but neither am I much into the party scene either.  The closest I've come to observing Fat Tuesday  was back during my Episcopalian days.  I have fond memories of the Shrove Tuesday Pancake suppers at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.  But, a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper does lack the festiveness of Carnival.  I've been suggesting we start the tradition at CWCC, but it'll have to wait a year.  This year we're hosting a Town Hall for the city of Troy -- so that a civil discussion about the upcoming millage election might be held.  There is a metro-Detroit tradition for Fat Tuesday that I've yet to try.  The big thing here is the Paczki, a fat filled, jelly or custard filled pastry.  As you can see from the picture, they appear to be calorie producers.  The question is -- can you eat just one?   


David Henson said…
I'm not a big partier either, but I love the earthiness of the idea of a full-on Shrove Tuesday, gorging ourselves on all earthly pleasures we plan to leave behind for 40 days. There's just something plain honest and slightly rebellious about it.

Which is why I like it.

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