The Liturgical Year -- Sr. Joan Chittister

The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life - The Ancient Practices SeriesMy review of Sr. Joan Chittister's excellent look at the Liturgical Year is up at Theolog.  Although Sr. Joan is Catholic, and her take is based on that form of the calendar, Protestants following the Revised Common Lectionary, will find much that is useful here.  

To give you a hint, here is a paragraph from the review:

The Liturgical Year is part of the Phyllis Tickle-edited Ancient Practices Series on aspects of the spiritual life such as the Eucharist, common prayer, fasting and the Sabbath. In this book, Chittister urges us to attend to the liturgical calendar; if we don't, she says, the secular/civil one will dominate. The liturgical calendar is more than a set of guidelines for preaching and decorating the sanctuary: it is an invitation to center our daily lives in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Once again, to read the entire review, click here.  


Danny Bradfield said…
I love this whole series, and appreciate the different backgrounds/perspectives that each author brings to it. The series has inspired me to preach a series of sermons during Lent on ancient practices/disciplines.

I'm currently reading Brian McLaren's "A New Kind of Christianity." Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you read it.... So far, it seems to me to be outstanding.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Brian's book. I've not yet gotten a hold of a copy -- but look forward to reading it.
Life Liturgy said…
I'm still reading Sister Joan's "Liturgial Year"....and you are right, it has been very good and pointed out many liturgical practices we as protestants could develop a bit more. I tend to read several books all at once, so it takes me a bit to get through one....I'll post my review on my Blog when I'm done as well.
Life Liturgy said…
By the Way, this is Lorette Waggoner....didn't realize it would use my Blog title as my identifier....

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