Looking back to Ash Wednesday -- Looking forward . . .

Last night a relatively small group of us gathered to observe Ash Wednesday with the imposition of ashes on the forehead and a prayer of confession -- having reflected upon Psalm 51.  We went forth with the mark of the ash upon our faces, reminding us of from whence we had come, but also knowing that a promise of new creation went with us.

I decided to pick up on the theme of mercy that is present in Psalm 51.  One of the participants said he liked the message -- in part because it seemed to be "in your face."  I suppose sometimes we need to be jolted into looking inwardly so we can make true confession.  You can click back to the message by clicking here. 

I was, of course, not the only person blogging and preaching on Ash Wednesday or about Ash Wednesday.  A number of others from across the CC Network were doing the same.  Steve Thorngate, keeper of the Christian Century sponsored network, rounded up many of them. So, check out this compilation, and prepare for the journey called Lent.


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