Thursday, March 18, 2010

Faith in the Inventive Age

Before I post a video of my own presentation at the Theology after Google conference, I want to put up the video of Doug Pagitt's presentation.  Doug's presentation last Friday morning preceded mine -- fortunately Bruce Epperly and Jana Reiss came in between, bringing a quieter moment.  But, I wanted to put up Doug's video because I think he sets up mine.  He pushes the envelope into the future, while I try to make sense of the situation most of our churches fall into.  He speaks of four ages that affect the church -- agrarian, industrial, information, and now inventive ages -- and with each the church has had to adapt.  Modern denominationalism, he suggests was born in the industrial age.  So, I invite you to watch, this and then watch my presentation, because I pastor a church that reflects earlier ages and struggles to engage the one that is emerging. 

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that. I liked the answer session too- and his highlighting of friendship. I know we call it "fellowship" but doesn't that sound kind of corny and sexist? India skipped the industrial age, interesting observation. David Mc