Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Fishing Story -- The Accessibility of Theology (after Google)

I want to return to sharing some of the videos from Theology after Google.   Jonathan Walton, a religious studies professor at the University of California, Riverside, and a regular contributor to Religion Dispatches, speaks to the question of speaking to the broader public about theology -- suggesting through a fish story that we not underestimate the intelligence of ordinary people or to believe that the more inaccessible that we make something the deeper it is.  He also offers a warning to those of us who seek to be so accessible to the broader public -- whether the blogosphere or the church -- that we become inaccessible to those who need us most.

I've enjoyed reading Jonathan at Religion Dispatches -- and I think you'll enjoy his brief presentation, which is followed by some questions about speaking to issues from a progressive theological position.


Anonymous said...

I find your blog informative and insightful. I've also added your blog to my blogroll. Blessings in your ministry.


eyan said...

Interesting and its provide good information.
- St Austell Cornwall

jinjanblog said...

Thanks for sharing these moments from the TAG conference. It was good to hear them again. Certainly food for the journey!